One of the real necessities of travel in India is having a place that you can go to and feel is a `home away from home.`
Godwin and Jenny Fernandes` Secret Garden Guest House has been that for me for years. It has been a place of quiet and retreat in the most beautiful and peaceful of settings in Agonda Beach, Goa.
The family has made a place that takes you away from any of the hussle and bussle of home or travel. For me, the Secret Garden family has provided a safe and nurturing environment that keeps me gladly coming back.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Winter 2016-17

Got back this year for a healthy dose of Agonda!  We were in India and Sri Lanka for four months this last winter, and got to spend a few weeks at my favorite stop in Goa - Secret Garden!  As usual, had a wonderful time, got to celebrate a large 'international' birthday party for an Austrian friend at Godwin's 'Hidden Garden' restaurant, with guests from Europe and North America, and had some nice trips around the region. Just a really nice time.
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Still a bit of Christmas around!

Our most excellent host doing a bit a work at the beach-side reception area.

....and coming away from the beach with
something fresh for dinner!

You want juice?

Whoo hoo!  Tandoor Naan!

....and tandoor chicken!

One of Godwin's dogs getting a ride from a staff member.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Winter 2014/2015

I only was able to spend a week or so at Secret Garden this last winter, at the end of a trip to Myanmar and south India.  I spent the time in complete relax, so I don't have many pics to share.  There were some changes - as there will be for the 2015/16 season I'm sure.
A big change is that Godwin has opened up a really excellent restaurant just a few minutes walk down the beach from Secret Garden.

Godwin at the beach checking with local fishing-folk.
A look inside Secret Garden - the garden is wonderful!

The huts now have names!  A sample....

Front of the restaurant on the beach.

Prepping breakfasts.

A lovely breakfast....just waiting!
The restaurant at night.
Master of tandoor!
A birthday celebration at the restaurant - Goan style!

A somewhat distorted 180 degree view of the front of Secret Garden. 
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Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 Update

Secret Garden has kept its' charm and peaceful space.  There have been some changes as usual.  There are a couple more coco-huts, the 'penthouse' has been spiffed-up with a more complete kitchen, fresh paint applied to the buildings and updates to the coc-huts. 
Here are some new still pics of the 'tri-plex' rooms and a hut.

I am also starting to post short video 'views' around the Secret Garden at this page on this blog.
I will add different ones as I get some time to do so.

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A view from a hut balcony towards the beach at sunset.
The' big house' with' penthouse' above

A somewhat distorted 270 degree panorama look inside the 'big house'.

The building back in 2012.

View from a hut
...and inside the same hut

The 'tri-plex' rooms.

Inside one the the rooms

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just a quick look around Secret Garden

One of the most noteworthy aspects of the Secret Garden is that from the beach the huts are barely visible.  With overarching coconut trees, surrounded by a wall of green, with beach sand under your feet, you still have a fabulous view of the beach from the hut porches.

Each year Godwin makes changes and improvements to the guest huts and house.  There are 4-5 huts each year, plus a small house (with kitchen, bath, etc) with a large 'penthouse' hut on the top,  and a building with three rooms with baths.  The pictures that I present here are from different years that I have stayed at Secret Garden, so huts shown change in layout and facilities (e.g. in 2009-10 he added bathrooms to the huts) - he listens to his guests to make their stay more to their liking.  The huts have had certain constants though - they are about two meters off the ground, have walls that can 'roll up' (to catch the wonderful sea-breeze), electric fans and windows, and, most important, have balconies facing the beach.  

This is just a two minute video looking around from the ground and then from my hut porch on the beachside of Secret Garden. Watch on YouTube for the full size 720p video.  A panoramic view (about 180 degree view) towards the beach from the living room of the 'Penthouse' hut. There are lots of ways to view the huts and house for guests.  This image is a partial panorama (huts are slightly distorted) view south from the north end of the  property.  The beach is to the 'right'.